Sunday, 5 October 2008

Boys to Men... kidults

No, it's not a another gay blog entry. This is something that both Pete and I have noticed in recent years and witnessed on the train yesterday - grown men (mainly in their 30's) dressing and acting like teenagers. I'm not sure whether this is just a UK phenomenon, but it seems that it's widespread. The rules for inclusion in this idiot group are:

  • Wearing clothes that suit someone at least 15 years younger.
  • Hairstyle that also suits someone at least 15 years younger.
  • Getting blind drunk several times a week, including one night out clubbing.
  • Being loud, obnoxious and abusive to friends and even more so to strangers.
  • Treating their children like 'mates', rather than being a role model.
  • Too much chunky gold jewellery.
  • Wearing football shirts to the pub (preferably Manchester United, despite never having been to Manchester or to Old Trafford).
  • Playing crap music at high volume (potentially music they don't really like anyway) from the car and at home.
Other possible actions signifying UK-man-boy are: driving a 4x4, pierced ears, maybe a little vandalism and expensive trainers.

The strange thing is, many of these idiots probably have responsible jobs and should know better. Perhaps it's just another example of Britain having a scummy underclass, this sub-group being the kidults.


  1. This is a terrible entry... so basically, in your mind, people cannot live their lives the way they want to; they have to live it the way you want to!

    The simple reality is that people are acting like teenagers when they're in their 30s because society has changed.

    Over 60% of people over 28 living in major cities consider themselves to be single. And, unlike when they are teenagers, many of these people have decent incomes with sizeable disposable incomes, so they're able to enjoy themselves in ways previous generations weren't.

    Moreover, even if the above wasn't true, how an individual chooses to dress and spend their spare time is their own choice.

  2. It is not a UK-centric phenomenon. Men in their 40s and 50s wearing ultra-tight t-shirts, tight jeans, terrible hairpieces, leathery tanned skin, all in an effort to fit in with the young set.

    Painfully laughable, it is.

    And, to answer your question on my blog about BBC America, I think they air shows that they feel are geared more toward Ameican tastes: Skins, Hexed, Primeval, Teh Graham Norton Show, some tabloid programs, endless reruns of AbFab and Coupling. I find the shows very hit and miss, but I do enjoy watching their news broadcast as it provides a well-needed outside look at what's going on in the U.S. and around the world.

  3. Well Mr Anonymous #1 - yes, people can do what they want in life. And they do. But I agree with the comment on how sad they are. You should see some guys acting like children... now you cant tell me that is being a good role model.

  4. I dont think the dress sense was the important part of the blog thing. I think the message was that immature men are causing problems in society and they just want to wear silly clothes while they do it.