Sunday, 26 October 2008

Snippits for a rainy Sunday

Here are a few entertainment related snippits...

The best album title of the year, so far, has to go to
Seasick Steve which is called I Started Out With Nothin and I Still Got Most of it Left.

I find the Sarah Palin really funny in the US election. So much of what she says make no sense! She appears to start a sentence and then forgets her point and just waffles with soundbites. And can you imagine a politician in the UK wanting the teaching of creationism in schools? I am sure she has many good points, but so far the opposition is highlighting her flaws very well.

Films watched in the last month or so from and my ratings: The Chumscrubber (7/10), The Edukators (7.5/10), In Bruges (8/10), My Brother Is an Only Child (6/10), The Lives Of Others (8/10), 21 (6/10), Juno (7/10), Eternal Summer (7/10).

The latest series of Heroes (series/season 3) isn't very good.

Best TV programme in the past few weeks, in my humble opinion, was Britain's Got the Pop Factor... and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice - a great sendup by Peter Kay of the crap reality TV programmes aimed at the masses. And the Winners Song by tranvestite Geraldine is sarcastic fun and very catchy.

An unusual looking guitar that I want to buy sometime is a "gypsy" jazz acoustic that has a distinctive tone and volume. A band that Pete and I saw play using similar guitars is called Les Doigts de l'homme - we saw them at the Brussels Jazz Festival earlier this year. Pete bought one of their CDs and it's excellent. You can see a clip of them on YouTube.

And finally... I have found 2 new great bands - Deathcab for Cutie and Noir Desir. The best thing about finding established acts is that you can buy tons of back material if you like them - I did the same for Fleetwood Mac back in 1987ish and Barenaked Ladies in 1998ish.


  1. God, I love I Will Possess your Heart! :D And have you seen the Palin sketches that Saturday Night Live does?! Go to if you haven't...they're hilarious! I <3 Tina Fey! :D

    And after watching the first three episodes of Heroes Season 1, I knew it would be a stupid show and never watched it again. I don't really understand how it became a phenomenon. I think Chuck should be a phenomenon...but I think it'll be canceled after season 2. :(

  2. hello guy,

    just a good news about LES DOIGTS DE L'HOMME. They will play at the Quecumbar venue in London, november the 23th & 24th.
    So come to have a fun with them

    les doigts de l'homme