Sunday, 12 October 2008

England 5-1 Kazakhstan

I get so bored watching England games - dull tactics and endless pointly passing. We seem to encourage players to act differently to how they normally play, which results in mistakes. You rarely see Lampard or Cole making silly mistakes, but last night they made a few against Kazakhstan. But, we did win by a good margin even if the score flattered us. I cant recall the last game where 6 goals came in the second half. My player ratings:

James: 6
Brown: 6.5 [I'm not convinced he's good enough yet]
Ferdinand: 7
Upson: 6 [made some schoolboy errors]
A. Cole: 5 [seemed arrogant in his playing style]
Barry: 6 [seemed off colour in that position, but is so good looking, hence the picture]
Lampard: 7
Gerrard: 7.5
Walcott: 7.5 [played very well in patches by was pushed around a little]
Rooney: 7 first half, 9 second half [was out of position in first half]
Heskey: 8

Beckham: 7
Wright-Phillips: 6 [you can't run through people you idiot!]
Defoe: 6.5 [only on for a few

Player ratings from the press here

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