Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Diary Week [Day Two] - The Magic Roundabout

Tuesday: If I thought Sunday nights sleep was bad, well last night was bad - I must have woken up 10 times. Anyway, some caffeine helped, via a double espresso and I completed a little work at home before heading out into the icy tundra that is Hertfordshire. It has been a lovely sunny day, despite the cold and I drove to Hemel Hempstead to see a client. I've only been there once before and as I approached the town, I remembered the crazy road layout....the magic roundabout - yes 6 roundabouts in 1! It is an awful road layout that simply encourages confusion. See the diagram for proof!

I commented yesterday how much I had put weight on so I have decided to eat healthy for a while and start to get some exercise. We have a large garage with a bike and cross-trainer in, but it's too cold in there at the moment. So I have decided to just do some stretching and go running at the weekend if it's nice. I am also going to bully Pete into dusting off the bikes. We are about 10 miles away from a canal that runs the 30odd miles south into London. It's a great ride that we have done from south to north a couple of times and I need to get a little fitter before attempting, but it must be done soon!

I made soup last night (carrots, tomatoes, lentils, parsnip, onions, peppers and cabbage) and so tonight we eat meat free. I like to think that I am a good cook. I am actually OK and can attempt most things. My mum is a great (mainly self taught) cook and she always encouraged me and my brothers to prepare food. The spicy potato recipe from this blog entry has been obtained, but I am not sure if I have clearance from my mum for an internet launch!

Celebrity Big Brother has returned to our TV screens featuring Z list celebs and Pete is already addicted! It's trash TV at it's worst and you know they have been paid a fortune to sit around all day.


  1. That looks more like DNA than a roundabout. They've just started putting in roundabouts here, and people are freaking out.

  2. That is one wicked roundabout. Looks more like a Wiccan symbol to me, rather than DNA.

  3. ^Same thing around here in northern Indiana. I swear, every damn time I try to go straight through, I'm in danger of getting clipped by a person behind me hugging the outer lane when they should have been using the inner lane. It's not like roundabouts are hard. Although, I probably would freak out if I was in the UK and about to drive into the Magic Roundabout. Ah hell, who am I kidding? I'd barely be able to handle driving on the right side of the car and on the left side of the road. Make it a manual and I'd be done for.