Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Everybody needs good gaybours

On Saturday night, Pete and I went next door to our twentysomething neighbours for a meal. They cooked some really great food and the alcohol was flowing and flowing. We left at around 2.30am and Pete was completely plastered, I was drunk but not as much. The conversation was varied and they mentioned that a friend had asked about the people they live near to. Pete and I were obviously discussed and their friend said "oh, you have gaybours too". Yes, a new word is introduced into language - you have to laugh!

Since Pete was "poorly" on Sunday, we did very little. I mucked about on the 'net and watched some TV. I cooked roast lamb, which was fantastic - as Pete was struggling with solid food, I had his share.

Monday morning at 7.30am and the doorbell rang and it was a nice man delivering me a BMW. What a great way to start the week! I had expected him at midday, so I was a little shocked. Anyway, the Volvo has now gone and so has much of the tax I was paying. The new car drives really well (it had 2 miles on the clock when I first got into it), but the radio is not as powerful as the Volvo and rear wheel drive is very very scary on our currently icy road. I had better do some work to justify my company spending all this money... but first...

Via my friend Andrew, I found this great software called Tweetdeck which allows me to post the same status updates to Facebook and Twitter and sometimes to Linkedin as well. You can follow me on Twitter (look for sfchapman) and if you are clever, you can find me on Facebook and Linkedin if you look hard enough!

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  1. Gaybours? Are they different to Neighbours at all? Aside from sexuality that is?

    A term like that actually annoys the shit out of me but then I am a grumpy bastard.


  2. Good luck with the car! Sounds like a very fun weekend.

  3. I understand your point Daniel, but I can live with it - I've heard far worse!

  4. Love love love that new car....except for the rear wheel drive.....oh boy! Fun and games! Especially on that slanted driveway.

    Gayborhood, neighborhoods, hoods, da hood....it's all good.

    And, sure, yeah, I'd love to be on your blogroll.

    I'm headed out front to wait for my new car to be delivered.....you just stand out there and wait...right?????

  5. The car looks lovely!

    Gaybours sounds almost as ridiculous as gaybies...

  6. Nice car. Should be a lot of fun.

    I don't find gaybours offensive at all. As long as they don't put an expletive in front of it.

  7. We have gaybours. Two sets. Two out of 9. We make 3 out of ten.

    At one point there were gaybours downstairs too, Twice. Which made 4/10.

    Then next door we had some too.

    Islington very gay!!


  8. The utter shock that I might be someone's gaybour is palpable. Or maybe laughable, I can't be too sure.