Sunday, 24 January 2010

Samstag mit Freunden in London

Yesterday Pete and I ventured into London to meet some friends. But before meeting them, we travelled to Canada Water on the tube and then walked through Rotherhithe to see our old house. There is so much building around Canada Water - it could end up being a cool place to live! We walked from the Hilton hotel (with the best views of Canary Wharf) along the Thames to Tate Modern via Tower Bridge. The route is about 3 miles and there is always lots to see and the various new buildings look impressive. There was a short bus ride, then another walk into the West End.

We met Dominic and his girlfriend Nicole around 5pm and had quite a few drinks and a tapas meal. I used to work with Dominic in my last job (before we were both made redundant) - he's a witty and clever guy and certainly one of my favourite people.

They are both German, but currently live near Vienna with their dog Charlie. Although they are in their late 20's, they are incredibly mature and confident people. They lived in London for a couple of years and would like to come back some day as life in Austria sounds a bit quiet. Not only are they an educated couple, they have a higher standard of English than many English people. They are willing to take try new things (such as moving to different countries and living in Tottenham!) and Dominic especially is very decisive - very unlike me! They have achieved so much and will undoubtedly have successful careers and lives together.

Here we are in a pub in Covent Garden...


  1. Nice to see you in the flesh so to speak and very jealous as I've given up ale for 2010.

  2. The picture of Charlie is great!