Thursday, 14 January 2010

Songs you might like #4

This is the fourth post that highlights some rarely heard music - the other entries can be found here. These are songs that you probably won't know but I would like to recommend them. You may love them, you may hate them... the choice is yours, but at least you had the chance to hear them...

"Kandi" by One Eskimo

This is the original single version of a track released on the bands' eponymous album last year. It's a twee track, but incredibly catchy, using a sample from Candi Staton singing a song called "He called my baby
". The singer is Kristian Leontiou, who had a great album out in 2004.

"Strange Overtones" by David Byrne & Brian Eno

I heard this on the NPR programme All songs considered which I listen to on a podcast and liked it immediately. David Byrne is a genius and in this understated song he joined up with producer guru Brian Eno.

"Robots" by Jamie Woon

I originally heard the live acoustic version of this track and that's a brilliant piece of music. I've opted for the studio version here as you really get to hear Jamie's very pure vocal style.

"Going down to Liverpool" by Katrina & The Waves

You may well have heard the Bangles version of this song. The original is far better and was only the b-side to "Walking on Sunshine". I love the drums on this and it was a late entry onto this list after another track would not convert to a different file type to allow me to include into the clips below!

"Good love is on the way" by The John Mayer Trio

I am a big fan of John Mayer and own all his albums. A few years ago he made a live album with 2 other musicians called "Try" under the name of the John Mayer Trio. It's a heavier blues collection of which a couple of tracks were re-recorded in the studio for his album "Heavier things" - I'm surprised that he didn't pick this song however.

Here are some short clips of the tracks...


  1. Good choice of tracks. I'd never heard of Jamie Woon and sounds like he's worth investigating further.

  2. I cant recommend Woon enough seen him live and he's got an amazing sound and talented with the just the loop sampler and his voice, quite like One eskimo think ill look into them a bit more, nice collection.