Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow day

So global warming is throwing out the English weather and we've had lots more snow. The country is at a standstill and the appointment I had today has been postponed by the client. It's such a shame! So I am stuck at home in the warm and "working" a bit whilst preparing a photobook which will contain the best photographs from various events and holidays in 2009. I have used Blurb to produce the photobook for a couple of years, the images always come out a little dark - but I still think that they are the best of the bunch.

All this snow means that my running plan is ruined - I have a 10k race booked in April and need to put in a lot of time before then. I may have to go into our garage (with a current temperature of 3 degrees) on the cross trainer!

This weeks "5 on the fifth" was well attended and there are same great pictures from the contributors - please visit their sites if you get a chance. I had hoped for 20 people to take part, but considering it's the start of the year and the 5th was on a Tuesday, I have no complaints.

I forgot to mention that when I was in Decathlon last week (see this entry), I was looking for a cheap pair of trainers and saw some Hiking Trainers but they did not fit correctly. I did note on the sign for these "Hiking Trainers", it said "Not suitable for hiking"!

As the England cricket team play in South Africa, I have little interest in the games, other than to watch Stuart Broad...


  1. Yes, this weather is a real pain. Although not likely to be the cause this time, one doesn't have to be a scientist to see how global warming/climate change can result in the Gulf Stream being diverted southwards or deeper down in the Atlantic waters to make a perfectly plausible scenario that north-west Europe in particular could well become colder. Brrrrrr!
    Good luck with your running. I started 'small' at the ripe old age of 46, yet just 4 years later I ran in the London Marathon - and finished it without even stopping once! Do keep us posted on your progress - preferably outside!

  2. England is lacking of late of attractive cricketers, Broad really is the best of a bad bunch.

    And here's hoping we don't run out of gas...

  3. Can you imagine the hassle that England cricketer Graeme Onions must have received at school with that name. Makes me cry thinking about it.

  4. Three degress in your garage? Blimey, it's -6 over here.

    I've been at home all week too. Meetings were mutually cancelled (I was supposed to be in the southwest). It just means more travel next week - hurrah!

    At least you have the crosstrainer. I can't imagine tying to run out there - I fell over just putting the rubbish out today.

  5. We've been having such a snowy winter here in MN. I'm tired of it already! And it's only January!! UGH!!