Saturday, 9 January 2010

Oh Romeo

Now you know how I feel about sexy footballers... well Jesus Datolo (who sadly isn't actually that sexy) is in trouble with his club Naples for posing in an Italian gay magazine Romeo Mag. He failed to ask permission from his club, who I suppose rightly have some argument against his actions as they pay his wages. They were not too keen on him wearing the Naples strip in some pictures and the club President said that "the image of Napoli rights have been violated”. That seems a little over the top as the pictures were only underwear ones anyway, however successfully he fits them.

I think Jesus deserves some credit for doing the photoshoot considering the way that football distances itself from all things gay and the homophobic views of some in football. Juventus director Luciano Moggi was quoted as saying that "there are no gays in football, I don’t know if players are against having them in their team but I definitely am... A homosexual cannot do the job of a footballer. The football world is not designed for them, it’s a special atmosphere, one in which you stand naked under the showers". Now what's the word I am searching for...? I know, it's bigot!

Depending on which site you look at, it appears that being gay in Italy is frowned upon everywhere except the cities and even then, local politicians regularly get away with anti-gay slurs. I suppose that's a common thing across the world.

I do believe that Fernando Torres and other footballers should follow Mr Datolo's fine example. There are plenty of men who should consider modelling - take a look at this blog entry by Roomlovely for proof!

Anyway, here's a link to the Advocate article about the forward thinking Jesus Datolo.

Something else I saw online that made me laugh... A Canadian professor wanted to carry out some research into pornography and needed to find men in their 20's that had never "utilised" porn - but surprise surprise, he struggled to complete his work. Professor Lajeunesse said:

"The objective of my work is to observe the impact of pornography on the sexuality of men, and how it shapes their perception of men and women. We started our research seeking men in their twenties who had never consumed pornography but we couldn't find any."

All he found out was that single men spent about 40 minutes viewing porn three times a week while men in committed relationships averaged 20 minute porn viewing sessions 1.7 times a week. Such shocking statistics! Who'd have guessed it?!


  1. While I agree that Napoli have something of an argument it's a shame he can't do something that is really quite brave

    Don't you just love failed research like that? Men watch porn - well Duh!

    Quick note to say I've added you to my blogroll

    Old Midhurstian

  2. There's definitely something special with athletes. And with Italy unfortunately, most going on seem to be so chaotic.

    Well, failing in finding guys not watching porn, that's sort of a research result in itself, isn't it?


  3. Sorry, missed this post. Thanks for the link!