Thursday, 28 January 2010

The kitchen list

As you read this, I am on my way to Edinburgh for a couple of days work. So I have pre-posted this entry.

It's been a crappy few days: Crystal Palace have gone into administration and the future is very uncertain. They don't own the stadium, so that puts buyers off and I fear a fire sale of players. The vultures will be sniffing around for a bargain. More on this another day I think. On to other things...

I am guilty of putting things off - I am a professional procrastinator in so many ways. So Pete and I have pinned a list to the kitchen wall of things we have said we would do, but have put off for ages. This daily reminder should hopefully inspire us to get off our arses in 2010 and is in addition to my own New Years resolutions.

The list will be amended over time, but currently has the following entries:

  • Visit the local comedy club
  • Go to the dog track
  • Cycle into London
  • Watch the local non-league football team
  • Visit Pete's Uncle and Aunt in Oakham
  • Go to both local theatres
  • Have more dinner parties
  • Arrange the next poker night
  • Go on a photo treasure hunt in London

Watch this space for updates and additions.


  1. Terrible news about Palace, terrible timing and must be crushing to see a play-off chance become a relegation battle. Hope the club can sort itself out.

  2. I didn't know that Palace are in administration. You have my genuine sympathy, as a Pompey supporter I'm just waiting for the headman's axe.

    Enjoy Edinburgh it's one of my favourite cities (with a name like mine it would have to be :))