Sunday, 3 January 2010


Pete and I travelled to my parents in Kent for New Years Eve. It was a quiet event, but I really wasn't too worried about going out and paying through the nose for a cramped night. This could be a new trend - the small town near to where they live has about 6 pubs and 12 restaurants and half of these were shut on New Years eve.

On New Years day, most of the family came round - both my brothers and 3 of their kids. My oldest brother has just bought a Jack Russell puppy and called her Scrabble. At 7 weeks old, she is very cute and has teeth as sharp as razor blades. We all played on the Wii until the early hours and had a really good laugh.

On Saturday we drove home via Decathlon at Lakeside. Decathlon is one of my favourite shops - it's a massive French sports chain and despite not being the most sporty person, it's a great place to walk around. They cover every sport you can think of and their skill is having ranges that are really cheap, right up to high quality and expensive stuff. Pete and I bought our bikes there. I bought a "nice" fluorescent coat for running and Pete got a real bargain of an England rugby coat that was reduced for 10 minutes from £40 to £5.

So here are my official New Year's resolutions and you can remind me about them throughout the year!

- Run at least two 10k races
- Start a new blog on a positive thinking theme
- Produce a podcast for this here blog
- Do the IMC exam (a fun investment exam!)
- Read more
- Take lots of macro pictures and sell 1
- Do the things on the kitchen list (more about this soon)

And so back to work tomorrow. Boooooo! To end with, I took this picture on the way to the pub on New Years day. There must be a story behind it, but we will never know!


  1. A fabulous 2010 to you, Stephen - even better than any previous best year you've had so far. Does 'Decathlon' cater for chess-players too (Now there's a sport!) or even, since you've used the word yourself, 'Scrabble-players'? (A real sweetie, that puppy.) Wanted to say something clever about that piece of footwear you spotted - but can't (yet). And finally.....Just seen your recent self-portrait shot. Breathtakingly good - in a number of ways!

  2. Alright now, so you've struck on several things that I'm interested in:
    1. the puppy! so adorable.
    2. The positive thinking blog -- a buddy is starting his own "gratitude blog." Great idea!
    3. The shoe pic....I'm often amused by leftover shoes, singly or in pairs, left by the road or elsewhere......I often wonder who they belonged to.

  3. There must be a drinking story behind the abandoned shoe. I want to run a few races this year too....I'm up to five miles every other day.

  4. My 5 on the 5th are on my blog =]