Wednesday, 10 March 2010

March movie update

Here are the films that Pete and I have received from and watched on TV and DVD over the past month or so, in reverse order, with my ratings out of ten from my movie list on IMDB.

Looking for Eric 8
Gripping comedy drama with a football subtext.

District 9 7
Would have got an 8 but I had to keep looking away due to things like finger nails falling out!

Million Dollar Baby 6

The Way of the Gun 6
Violent and overlong, but does star the yummy Ryan Phillippe.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 7
Again, a bit long but pretty good. So close to getting an 8.

4: Rise of the Silver Surfer 6

The Hottest State 7
Sagged at the end, but worth a watch - a love story of sorts.

Up 9
One of the best films I have seen in a long time and could be my film of the year. Perfect animation.

Get Smart 8
Silly and very funny.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 8
Another fantastic animation overshadowed by Up I think.

Dorian Gray 7
The classic Wilde story starring the gorgeous Ben Barnes.

Slumdog Millionaire 8
Took us a while to get round to seeing this. Great entertainment and brilliantly filmed.

Home 5

Fish Tank 7
New actors in a hard hitting view of a run down Essex estate.

Bottle Shock 5
Prententious crap full of awful cliches.


  1. I look forward to your monthly 'reviews', though this time I've only seen 5 of these. (I only watch films in the cinema - For me DVD/video tends to be a poor substitute for the REAL experience.) However we are most at variance over 'Looking for Eric' which I'd score only a modest 5 - I wanted to like it but was quite seriously disappointed. District 9 would have got a well-deserved '8' from me. 'Slumdog' though indeed a fine film, I found so upsetting in parts that I wouldn't watch it again for a very long time - though others don't seem to have been distressed as much as I was. 'Button' yes, good idea to film, but how it dragged on! 'Dorian' - not the best adaptation I've seen, but maybe not helped by knowing the novella like the back of my hand. Never saw 'Up' but now wish I had. Also never saw 'Bottle Shock' but I wonder how with such an appalling, though pithy, verdict you still managed to give it an 'average' 5?
    Just to put my own ha'porth in - I'd give 'Alice' a miss - not even redeemed by the 3D. But yesterday saw the new Jeunet, 'Micmacs' which I loved, though others have been less kind.

  2. Arghh! Way of the Gun! I watched that film years ago, it's bloody awful, easily on my list of the worst films I've ever seen. Thanks for bringing back the memory haha

    As for Looking for Eric, I think it's the only time I would consider watching a film so centred on M*n U*d, but it does look quite good in fairness. Maybe I will watch it some time. Even I have to admit that he is a bit of a legend.

  3. The film I'm in, 'My Last Five Girlfriends' comes out on the 19th March, so se if you can squeeze that in your viewing calendar!

  4. Up was one of the best from Pixar. The opening sequence showing Carl and wife's life together brought me to tears.

  5. just about to watch one of these...