Friday, 26 March 2010

Compare the adverts

Remember I had a rant recently about a couple of rubbish adverts on TV? Well, I thought I would balance it up with a couple of adverts for competing companies that I think are cleverly memorable. I appreciate that some people may not like the adverts as they can be annoying, but I defy you not to remember the companies after seeing them.

The first is for "Go Compare", the insurance and things comparison site. The Opera singer (who is actually a real Opera singer) singing Go Compare to the tune of Over There gets in your head.

The second is "Compare The Market", another comparison website. It features Aleksandr Orlov the Meerkat complaining that people are visiting his "Compare the Meerkat" site by mistake. Compare the Meerkat has entered the English vocabulary and I've heard people say, "I am going to the supermeerkat" and "simples", Aleksandr's sort-of-catchphrase. They even have some outtakes here!

Both ad's are using humour very well to achieve their aim. This is proven to work well in the UK as opposed of being sold to. Just look at the most memorable adverts and many will be either humourous or epic (like the Guinness ones).


  1. I hate the go compare adverts, but Aleksandr is a legend!!

    He's also spawned a fad for other meercat related items. Not since David Attenborough has anyone done so much for the little blighters!

  2. The Gocompare adverts have changed my life. I now make absolutely sure that the remote is always within reach so I can switch over before he starts bellowing - and the meerkat now gets the same treatment too.

  3. You managed to pick two I'm not in...

  4. Daniel - I thought you played Aleksandr!

    Andrew - Did you know that meerkats are actually horrible animals? They murder each others young!

  5. Good ads. They remind me of the Geico car insurance ads in the states. We have a gecko (with a British accent) instead of a meerkat. They also rotate the theme regularly, so you have to pay attention (the gecko, the cavemen, the stack of money with eyes looking at you, reality TV spoofs, etc.) The ads are memorable - but I don't purchase their products.

  6. I'm a fan of the Meerkats.

    I hate the opera singer.