Saturday, 20 March 2010


On Thursday night, Pete and I watched a documentary film called Religulous. It was made by comedian Bill Maher about how ludicrous religion is. I did a post about that a while back and despite saying I would never post about religion again...

The film is very funny and although I appreciate that the arguments were selective, it does show religion makes very little sense on so many levels and is something probably just invented by man.

I loved that a lot of the religious followers believe that certain events were fact even though there is no real proof, the Bible has stories that contradict each other and that many beliefs are not in the Bible at all, especially Catholic ones.

I learnt many new things, including: Jesus never mentioned homosexuality, Mormons are loopy and most of the Bible was written decades after Jesus had supposed to have lived and can only therefore be rumours.

I also didn't know that there were a number of prophets before Jesus that had an almost identical life (virgin birth, walking on water, rising from the dead etc). It seems that Jesus just a good story based on older fables.

If you have any doubts about religion, watch this film - if only to laugh at how seemingly clever people can believe in talking snakes and things that simply couldn't happen. This small conversation about how God hears everything everybody says demonstrates this...

Bill Maher: If Santa Claus can hit every house in the world.
Steve Berg: No, we don't believe in Santa Claus.
Bill Maher: Of course not, that's one man flying all around the world and dropping presents down a chimney. One man hearing everybody murmur at him at the same time, that I get.


  1. Ive seen it and thought it was great too, especially the really gay, ex gay preacher.

  2. Yes, I saw it a while back also - and wrote a blog on it. I'd previously heard critics of the film say that it was generally taking pot-shots at easy, soft targets. So maybe it was but it was still great entertainment. Pity that it's unlikely to be seen by people other than those of us critical of religions' dangerous and pernicious influence. I'd so love to have witnessed God-botherers going apopleptic at seeing their precious beliefs lampooned.

  3. I caught this flick a year or more ago. I like that line "Mormons are loopy." I grew up in the heart of Mormon country.

  4. I know a few Mormons. They have some crazy ideas. Loopy indeed.

  5. Great movie if a little heavy handed and preaching to the (non) converted.

  6. You are right Daniel - it's highly unlikely to change someones mind if they love their god.

  7. This was a really good movie. I'm not religious at all - but always respected other people's beliefs. But Bill makes a good case against respecting other people's beliefs - especially if their beliefs are killing us.