Monday, 15 March 2010

Spring cometh

It's been a busy few days hence no blog entry.

On Friday night, Pete and I met a few people and went to the local beer festival. If you have never been to a British beer festival, you haven't lived! It brings out the weirdo's of society (us not included of course). There were many bald men with ponytails and guts hanging over their trousers and people with no fashion sense at all! Saying that, (mostly) men of all ages attended and the town hall was packed.

There were around 60 local ales and plenty more foreign beers and ciders. The only way to tackle the vast choice is to pick at random or choose one of the crazy names that some ales have. After that we wall went for a meal at Prezzo (sans voucher!).

On Saturday, Pete and I got the train to Cambridge to look around the shops and take in the sites. It's always a fun place to visit and this weekend the city was heaving with people. We can only assume that the Universities had an open day. It did mean that the posh totty was out and it was a pleasure to see them!

In the evening we went out for another meal at a local restaurant that had been recommended to us for Pete's "official" birthday meal. We have decided to just buy each other a nice meal rather than presents from now on. It was £95 for the two of us and the food was amazing. Who would have thought that a provincial town would have such a high class restaurant.

On Sunday, I went for a run, did some more work in the garage and then watched some of the first Grand Prix of the season. What a dull race! Taking away the refueling seems to have ruined part of the race action.

In the afternoon yet another meal out, this time at Pete's mums house. Far too much food over the weekend you will agree!

No more alcohol for 3 weeks is my plan...


  1. Good luck with the 3 week dry out, I've been clean of beer for 8 weeks now but dabble in wine and Bailey's...not together of course.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Food, ale and all. I've never been to a Beer Fest. Someday, perhaps.

  3. Baileys and lemon (taken in the same way as tequila) makes a mess so I am told!