Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I am pre-posting this Blog entry as I will be in Edinburgh.

As the ski season draws to an end and unfortunately, I didn't make it abroad this year, here are some reasons why I like skiing:

- it's the only sport I have ever been good at
- the feeling of skiing on a crisp sunny morning on virgin snow is amazing
- the air is pure
- holidays are always a good thing
- you get fit while eating and drinking too much
- ski instructors are cool and usually good to look at

and it gives me an excuse to publish a nice picture...


  1. Two more reasons:
    - the tan you bring home which is SO necessary that time of the year
    - finally getting round to reading those classics

    I wonder why they only sell postcards of women in bikini in most ski resorts. I bet your picture would sell really well!


  2. Maybe I should take up skiing. Will I look like the dude in the picture if I do?

  3. Thanks for posting a great picture. Hope Edinburgh was fun.

  4. The picture is me of course.

    OK... maybe not

  5. Darn, bugger and blast, that's what I've been missing out on. Gosh, slopping off with that handsome fella would be all the apre ski I'd need.

    I like the drinking and the eating and getting fit part. But my right knee rust in the wet, my back locks in the cold and errrm I'm a wimp!

    I admire those that can ski and ski well, as for me, I just like to watch!