Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Vuvuzela and Haggis

Tomorrow I am off to Edinburgh for a couple of days with work.  My manager has mentioned that he will overlook anyone skiving off to watch the England game, which is at 3pm in the afternoon.  After the last awful awful game, it has to get better... hasn't it?

It will be interesting supporting England in a pub in the Scottish capital (as we will be in a pub at 3pm).  Edinburgh is a cool place and I dont expect any problems.  Hey it's not Glasgow is it?!?

I'm not going to write lots about football, but I hope the English players can pull this one out of the bag as I am getting a bit fed up with my Scottish colleagues having negative opinions.  Even the well worn "you've got to be in it to win it" is even failing to shut them up.  There have now been some great games (none featuring England of course) after a dull start.

Didn't Torres look great in the game last night?  :-)   And Spain had a little fella on the pitch called Jesús Navas who has the most amazing eyes.

The weather over the last couple of days has been beautiful and yesterday morning at about 8am, the birds in the garden were chirping like crazy - as if singing and chirping was about to be banned by the bird police.  Did they all know it was the shortest night of the year?   My oldest brother spent the night at the Coldrum Stones in Kent.  He's just an aging hippy at heart.  I personally find this ancient burial mound to be a bit spooky, but I'm sure it was great to see the sunrise on such a lovely morn'.


  1. Skiving. Another new word for me.

  2. I didn't realise that the verb "to skive" was common to the UK!

    Skiving off school is not something I ever did. I was a good boy.

  3. hope the footie watching went well and lack of blogging since isnt a result of glasgae kiss!

    ABE. Come on the hun!