Sunday, 4 July 2010

Brighton rocks

On Friday evening, Pete and I were discussing what to do on Saturday and we decided to do something different.  Pete had seen a voucher for half price entrance to London Zoo, so that was settled... but not quite.  We also added that we should go to the "posh" charity shops in Fulham and Chelsea too.  And maybe go to Jermyn Street as Pete wanted to look at a jacket he'd seen.  But then again, neither of us wanted to get tied up in the Gay Pride crowds (not our scene at all).  Then Pete came up with the idea of going to Brighton for the day, something we had said we would do for years.

So we got an early train into London, a tube journey, then another train to Brighton.  We would have considered getting a hotel, but from experience, Brighton is an expensive place to stay.  Also with the idiotic way that our train tickets are charged, it makes a weekend even more expensive.

On the train were a group of chav lads ages around 20, all with their uniform polo top buttoned up to the top.  Why do idiots need to copy each other?

The sun was shining and Brighton was buzzing.  I have not been there for many years and we had a fantastic day exploring the small independent shops, having a coffee and cake, a beer in a trendy beach bar, sitting on the beach with Fish 'n' Chips and  - a great day all round.

I took a few more pictures and will share them with you tomorrow - d
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  1. Pleased you enjoyed your day so much, though Brighton is maybe not quite as spectacular as some places in California. I lived in Brighton 1993-2000 and then, against my will, had to move to Worthing where I've lived and been financially 'trapped' ever since, in this place for which I don't care. But it's close enough for going to Brighton most weeks, usually for the cinema. Would have been nice to have seen you in B (even if only from a distance as you were in company), but well.... next time, maybe before 2020?

  2. Maybe! LOL

    I had considered sending out a general message, but thought it might be a bit cheeky

  3. Glad you had a good time on my manor x

  4. Here's my 5

  5. here's my five...

  6. Hey good morning, my July five are online now
    regards from Dublin

  7. Brighton!!! i want to go to there!