Friday, 3 September 2010

Beautiful guys

Abercrombie and Fitch make some really cool clothes, but they are expensive.  They are especially pricey in the UK compared to the ticket prices in the USA.

The thing I love and hate in equal measures is the use of the beautiful people in their stores.  These guys are great to look at, but you wonder why someone should be employed simply because of their genes.  There have been a few legal challenges to their approach of 'natural selection'; survival of the fit dudes.

I find it offputting and a little embarrassing when I am in one of their stores, despite the nice views.  How shallow are we as human beings to be impressed with a store partially because they employ people who are lucky with their looks?  
Is this a serious post or an excuse for more guy pictures?  You decide.

This was taken at the opening of the London store a couple of years ago...

Here is Pete in San Francisco from earlier this summer...

And finally, a t-shirt that I saw the other day that made me laugh...


  1. Hey Stephen, at the moment I have only internet at work so I posted my 5 already today. Looking forward to yours and all the others. T

  2. Ha! I need that Applecrumble shirt, just so I can thumb my nose at all those who rely on a brand label to make them feel a sense of belonging. Years ago, I had an A&F sweatshirt that I bought from a bargain bin at the local thrift store. When I got home I scratched out the 'F' in Fitch and replaced it with a 'B'. Let me tell you, it was a real conversation starter.