Thursday, 30 September 2010

One swallow

Pete and I rarely watch ITV. It's dumb-down television and there is little worth watching it seems. However, Pete suggested that we watch a drama called Downton Abbey a few nights ago.

Despite being written by a great writer and actor Julian Fellowes, the story was rather obvious and laboured to me.  It's yet another drama based on the times when the 'big houses' had layers of servants and the upper class acted like they were far superior to those that cleaned for them.

So we were wondering why we were watching the programme when out of nowhere came a gay scene. A cute servant, played by the cute Rob James-Collier and the Duke played by sweet Charlie Cox (from the excellent Stardust) kissed passionately.  What a pleasant surprise!

The best part was when the Duke was trying to say that the time they spent together was just a fling, with the line "one swallow doesn’t make a summer".  Very tongue in cheek I think. 

But in true ITV fashion, the scene moved on too fast and within a minute there was blackmail and the two hated each other!  I will keep an eye out to see whether there is some more boy on boy action in future episodes.

By the way, Pete and I saw Charlie Cox in a Pinter play a while back - he's a great actor.


  1. Posh totty and servant. what a turn on!

  2. Try 2 posh totties getting it on, evolving into 1 posh totty and the game-keeper, with full frontal, in Merchant-Ivory's "Maurice". Pure boneriffic!