Saturday, 11 September 2010

Extremely fine art

Many moons ago, an ex-colleague contributed a guest posting to my blog.  His talented wife, Maryam Foroozanfar is an amazing artist who takes months to construct paintings that will surprise and impress you. You can find details on her web site.

Pete and I are pleased to say that we have one of the few prints of a Foroozanfar is our house and has pride of place near the front door.  

Maryam has featured in the National Portrait Gallery in London and has been a finalist in the prestigious BP Portrait Award.  A couple of years ago, all around London were posters for the event featuring one of Maryam's works, a painting of Konjit who we both used to work with.

If you are in London and get a chance to go to the National Portrait Gallery on Trafalgar Square, you wont be disappointed by the BP award rooms (and entry is free!).  You only have a week to go however.  Apart from Maryams entry, my personal favourites are these two by Lyndsey Jameson and Miichal Ozibko.

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