Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Zero tolerance

When I was 14, just 3 days before Christmas day, a drunk driver smashed into my mum's car causing horrendous injuries - she was lucky not to lose a leg.  She had massive scarring, two broken legs, broken ribs, lost a knee cap and still walks with a slight limp two decades later.

It was a horrible time for the first few days, especially Christmas day.  The next year was a struggle for my mum and it took her a long time to get her confidence and vigour back.  The piece of scum that caused the accident got away with a short ban and fine.

I saw the car shortly after and it was a complete wreck (it was probably a mistake seeing it in hindsight) and today I thought back to that day when I heard about George Michael driving while stoned.  I have no sympathy for drunk drivers or those who have taken any type of drug.  They are low selfish people who give no thought to the consequences and should be banned for far longer and imprisoned in some cases.  They are, after all, in charge of a machine that can easily kill.

George has been a fool, but he is not alone, young men think that taking drugs and driving is less serious than drinking.  They are very wrong.


  1. With you 100%, Stephen, though I haven't had anything like the horrific experience your family and, most of all, your mum, went through. What a downer! And knowing how leniently the culprit was treated (as they so often are) only adds to the pain and frustration. Yes, George Michael can only blame himself (and I believe he does - yet again!) though it could so easily also have affected other non-participants in his recklessness.
    I'd add the use of mobile phones while driving to the absolute 'no-nos'. Only a couple of months ago I saw a mini-van full of young kids being driven by a female yapping on the phone! Only wish I'd had a camera with me to record her literally criminal action, together with the van's number-plate. Some people just seem to suspend their consciences all too easily, assuming they have one in the first place.

  2. You are right, idiots on mobile phones aren't much better. I don't want tto sound sexist, but it seems to be women on mobiles driving - though White van drivers are worst... Of course

  3. I totally agree with you Stephen. You don't realise how dangerous some things are, until it is too late...

  4. Add people who hold a phone handset while driving. I still see it too much.