Saturday, 25 September 2010


A quick summary of the past week...

On Tuesday evening, Pete and I went to the local theatre to watch a performance of Neil Simons "California Suite" which features 4 stories in the same suit in a Los Angeles hotel.  Given that our local actors are amateurs, it was an excellent performance.  The first act fell a little flat, but the others were laugh-out loud.  In places it's more like a British farce than a US play.

On Wednesday I flew to Edinburgh for work and had a lovely meal in the evening.  The full day of presentations on Thursday was followed by a delay to the flight home.  I have taken this Easyjet flight a few times now and every time I have been delayed.

Let me also comment on Luton Airport.  It seems to me that cost cutting and poor management lead the way at Luton.  The traffic management is amazingly bad and the wait to get from the car park to the airport gets longer and longer.  They charge you to drop people off, they charge for trolleys and they charge for a faster route through customs.  And to top that, the normal customs check area was packed with people and only one x-ray machine working.

Despite being knackered, early on Friday I got a train to London for a product launch by my employer.  It should have been the whole day, but the afternoon topics were not relevant, so a few of us ducked out after lunch.  The location was one of the impressive old trade halls in The City.  The area is littered by these very old buildings that I assume rely on old money to keep them going.

And to ensure that you have something nice to look at while reading my diary, here's a yummy guy that sort of jumped out at me on another site.  What a body...

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  1. I remember stopping at Luton Airport on my bus ride from Heathrow to Northampton way back in 1994....spring, I think it was.

    (And, by the way, where did you get my picture from my day at the beach ???)