Thursday, 9 September 2010

Him & Her

We watched the new comedy from BBC3 called ‘Him and Her’ the other night (recorded on the Sky Player) and we managed a whole 7 minutes before switching it off.
It had started well but when a comedy resorts to severe toilet ‘humour’ so early to get a laugh, you know it’s going to struggle. Toilet humour appears to be used when the writer doesn’t know where to go. It is lazy writing.
I was disappointed to witness an actress on the toilet, complete with sound effects. I feel sorry that she was expected to do that and cant quite believe that a comedy writer and production team thought that it was acceptable on television, let alone funny.  I like comedy and I like shocking comedy that surprises me. The opening scene of ‘Him & Her’ however, was amateurish and a complete turn off.
I pity Russell Tovey for getting involved as he is a great actor.  BBC comedy can be outstanding, this one wasn't for me.

Let me end by saying that I'm not one of those stupid idiotic moaners that say that "the BBC is wasting my licence fee and I wont pay it blah blah blah".  The BBC excels at producing top end TV and radio and you cant like everything that they do... no-one can.


  1. I believe you completely missed out on the point of the toilet scene. It was never intended to be funny. It was used to make the show seem more real and intimate. I mean, couples do take dumps in real life.

  2. That scene worked perfectly then as it wasn't funny. It was a turn off. It was distasteful.

    I wont go on.

    If you enjoyed it, then that's great. Strange that both Pete and I looked at each other and without having to say a word, we knew neither of us wanted to watch another second.

  3. I thought it was OK, but not great. I agree that the toilet part was unpleasant and not required. Doubt I will watch again unless it happens to be on when I am flicking through the channels.

  4. i rather liked it, though i'm off toast now