Sunday, 15 January 2012

Frosty morning walk

Yesterday in North Hertfordshire was a beautiful winter's day.  With deep blue skies and a frost overnight, we decided to go for a 7 mile walk across the fields and through the woods to Pete's Mum's house. We cheated and got a bus home as it got cold in the afternoon!

We stopped off in town for a coffee and to buy lunch and despite a couple of long hills, it was a fine walk. Here are a few images from the morning. If you look very carefully at the last picture, you will see a Stag in the woods.


  1. A splendid sequence of pics, capturing what was a longish Winter walk which must have been 'stimulating' to the circulation. (It took me a little time to find the stag!)

  2. Wow....I love walks in the quiet of winter.

  3. There are some great walks in North Herts too. We are lucky to live here.