Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Desert Island Discs - introduction

Further to my previous posting, I am embarking on my own Desert Island Disc choices, complete with luxury and book!
With space for 8 tracks, I can only pick one Fleetwood Mac or Beatles song, possibly no Stevie Nicks if I pick Fleetwood Mac.  There is scant room for firm favourites such as Peter Gabriel, John Mayer, The Eagles, Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Abba, Eurythmics, Blind Faith, David Bowie, Gin Blossoms, Jellyfish, Matchbox 20, REM, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Simon and Garfunkel or some classic blues or oldies like Buddy Holly or the Everley Brothers and... no space for a comedy record?!
This was always going to be a tough ask... wait and see what I will pick.
So after careful consideration, I have opted for a very different approach.  I have divided my life roughly into 8 and picked a track for each period. So I will not be sharing the best music in my collection, it's more about memories but most are fab anyway!  Tomorrow I will start with song number one and share a fresh song every few days.


  1. Great idea. I couldn't pick 8 songs. No Way!

  2. Can understand why you're going to do it this way, even though the original closed choice of an 'ultimate 8' when listed together would be more powerful than seeing them mentioned separately, which will probably look more like a 'choice-of-the-day' which may be varied on a whim.
    It only needs the original concept to catch on enthusiastically with a fairly small number of bloggers and it could start to snowball and catch everyone's imagination, each proud to show off their own list. But that time will have to wait - unless I can think of a way to make it catch on.
    But it's true that many people's choices would be significantly made up from music that was evocative of a particular time or occasion in one's own life. Certainly mine would be so,

  3. I have my eight ready - and could list, but in isolation, they are meaningless. So you'll have to be patient!

    1. I still look forward to seeing them, Stephen, even if revealed one by one - though, as you recognise, seeing a complete list of the 8 records you just couldn't live without, turns it into a game which everyone wants to play, and is consequently much more fun.