Monday, 23 July 2012

Desert Island Discs

I've enjoyed the radio programme Desert Island Discs since I was a child and have often mulled over my own potential choices.  When Pete and I started going out, I made a programme for him (it's on cassette somewhere!) based on a recording of me asking him questions, while drinking vodka.  It started well.
My challenge has always been to filter down the record choices to 8 tracks... an impossible task.  I've mentioned this before, but owned a Jukebox that played 7" singles many years ago and made a list of favourite singles I wanted to buy.  The list contained over 200 songs and if you add in the album tracks, my top tunes number many hundreds and with plenty of different styles.
So now, after all these years, have decided to share my 8 records, book and luxury with you later this week.
If you feel inspired to do the same, join in!


  1. You've touched on one of my pet subjects here, Stephen. DID has, for FIVE decades, been compulsory listening for me - though even fifty years ago I was hardly the child that you say you were when you started listening.
    I also used to ask my friends what their own choices would be. (I'm willing to show you mine later after you've shown us yours.)

    It's always best when a lot of people join in - and I do hope that happens here. It's a great conversation subject AND you don't really have to be familiar with the programme to join in. It's fun! Fingers crossed that you get a good response.

  2. I doubt I will get any response!

    I've decided to post the tracks over a few weeks - or it would be a huge posting.

    1. Although I'd like a HUGE number of people to play along I've always found that if they aren't familiar with the programme they are, at best, only lukewarm about the idea. It's a shame because I think the notion ought to have universal appeal whether one knows the prog or not - and it's a terrific subject for conversation. One may be tempted to deride other people's choices as being inferior to one's own, but if one treats their picks with respect one can learn so much about both the individual and the particular music they have chosen which means so much to them.
      My fingers are still crossed!

  3. Oi... That's been an idea I've toyed with periodically for my blog! BlogThief! :-p