Friday, 20 July 2012


I was "working from home" today and was a bit sneaky... I worked from my parents’ home in Kent so that we could go and see the Olympic torch in a small local town nearby.
The town is usually empty during the daytime, but today there were thousands of people out to see the 3 torchbearers. It was actually a lot of fun with Morris dancers, circus performers, a samba band and more all entertaining the crowds.  This was a local community coming together and the flame itself was almost irrelevant.
There have been so many negative news stories about the Olympics in recent days and it's starting to get on my nerves. This is a HUGE logistical event and mistakes WILL happen, yet the BBC especially is focusing on anything that isn't working.  The Chinese spent twice as much as we will and had their own problems, but do you hear about that?
The media has a tendency to forget that a wasteland in London has been transformed, tens of thousands of local jobs created, many thousands of which will remain after the games due to the new local infrastructure and this is putting Britain in the spotlight.  The bad news stories are not helping. It’s worth noting that the building was done on time and on budget – and the stories about the budgets ballooning are highly misleading.
They are so many good news stories from the Olympics and the legacy it will leave – we really should be concentrating on that.  And I’ve not even mentioned the athletes from all over the world who have been readying themselves for this summer (yes it’s summer, don’t let the weather confuse you).

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  1. Those red & yellow outfits are eye-catching. Very.....erm....'Bhangra'.

    Yes, I too get the impression that the entire media is looking for reasons to run the Games down even before they start - as well as giving dangerous ideas to those who think it might be easy to disrupt the Games in whatever way, by their constantly pointing out lax security etc.

    Btw: I stood waiting to see the torch passing through Worthing last week. But it was, unsurprisingly, late, and I'd wanted to go to a matinee showing at the nearby flix. So, 'fraid that 'Killer Joe' won out over the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Oh well, maybe Rio 2016!