Sunday, 1 July 2012

A test

Try this puzzle: 
This maths sequence can predict your favorite film... mine was Star Wars. 
Not sure how it works but it does!! 
Pick a number between 1-9 
Multiply by 3 
Add 3 to that number
Multiply again by 3
Add the two digits together 
The answers:
3. Oliver Twist 
4. Star Wars 
5. Forrest Gump 
6. Saving Private Ryan 
7. Jaws 
8. Grease 
9. The joy of anal sex with male goats and leather clad, oiled up lady boys
10.Mary Poppins


  1. OMG! Mine was.......yes, 9!

    At least it wasn't '8' - on my all-time list of films I most DESPISE (though must admit that some of the songs are not too bad).

    Btw: #3 - Do they mean the classic David Lean 1948 film, the Polanski of 2005 or, as I suspect, the 1968 filmed musical 'Oliver!'?

    Btw2: I WILL come back to comment on your latest film review blog sometime, Stephen. In couple of hours going away for a few days (funeral etc).