Monday, 16 July 2012

Rhythms Of The World 2012 - Day 2

Yesterday was a brilliant day. We arrived at the site around midday and although the mud was cloggy, the sun was shining. We enjoyed a full day of diverse music and cultures including one of the local choirs, a drum based Brazilian troop, acoustic, soul, rap and Indian music. There was even a girl group who sung some very sweet harmonies and played guitar, ukulele and a bass ukulele (I’ve only seen one of these and that was in Paul Simon’s band).
A highlight was a performance by Blair Dunlop, a BBC young folk musician of the year who played some stunningly amazing guitar – the kind of playing that I dream of. For those that care, he had some wonderful finger picking skills, using some unusual tunings and a folkie vibe to his voice. He had some witty banter, is very talented and I think he will go very far indeed. He was also quite cute!
Given the diversity of instruments on show, I have been inspired to learn more guitar (it’s been a long long time since I practiced properly) and will start by seeing what challenging piece I can use as a basis for further knowledge. I also will be buying a new instrument to play around with, in addition to my mandolin, which I don’t really enjoy playing and the ukulele that I am starting to enjoy noodling about on a lot.
Next year I intend applying to be an official photographer, so I will need to pull together some ‘people shots’ I think to show them and hopefully I will pass their tests.
Here is my poor video of Blair...

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