Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #5

The good:
I have fallen madly in love with model Fransisco Lachowski. I cant get enough of his pictures. Don't be surprised if a couple of blog entries feature this guy! 
The Bad:
I am still disappointed that Scottish and Northern Irish Football Associations stopped young playing from representing Team GB football at the Olympics (the Welsh also wanted to be as petty). I think it's a narrow minded view and selfish from the men in grey suits. These young players could have experienced tournament football for the only time and they have been let down by their FA's in my opinion.

The Ugly:

Bob Diamond and Barclays.  Need I say any more about the underhand and probably illegal goings on?  And then you have HSBC actually helping to launder dirty money!  How do we crack down on the banks as they appear to have lost all self control?

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