Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rhythms Of The World 2012 - Day 1

It's been a bad weather day - it was raining hard all morning and we had an event to go to!  As with previous years, once again we are attending the local world music festival, Rhythms Of The World.  The weather in the UK has played havoc with many major events and there were rumours that the 2 day event may not go ahead. Despite the site of the 7 stages (plus other stuff going on) being like a swamp before anyone set foot on it, the show went on.
There was a two hour delay in opening the gates due to the mud I assume, so the queues were huge, but we got in eventually and thankfully the rain held off until about 7.30pm, when we decided to go home and eat.
We saw lots of artists including rockers, soul, blues, acoustic, world music and even some comedy acts.  Here is a video I took of The Magic Tombolinos, who feature a very fit and cute saxophonist/singer.


  1. And not a pair of wellies in sight!

    Btw: Was there also supposed to be some pic stills? I only see the video posted here - or is that it? (I'm not complaining!)

  2. Blogger was playing up - I will post a couple later