Friday, 13 August 2010

43 Things

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a website called 43 Things. You simply list the things that you want to do with your life, whether they are short term or long term objectives. The site then tells you how many other people want to achieve the same things and there are stories and feedback from people who have ticked them off their own lists.

This all appealed to me as someone who (a) likes writing lists and (b) is very good a dreaming and (c) also good at putting things off.

Here is a small selection of my 43 Things...

  • Visit New York 
  • Learn to meditate 
  • Visit Morocco 
  • Drive around Europe in a campervan 
  • Get a lizard tattoo 
  • Write a radio play 
  • Need less sleep 
  • Learn and practice speed reading 
  • Go to the driving range and play golf 
  • Visit the Cerne Abbas Giant 
  • Busk 
  • Make the front page of a newspaper

I'll get round to them one day I'm sure. I also have my blog-based Kitchen List to push me (update soon).  It's worth going to the site just to see the front page and the random dreams of people around the world. There are some very strange ones I noted...

Go for a midnight picnic, learn to draw caricatures, be selfish, get my tongue pierced, Learn to pick locks.

Weird huh?!


  1. On your hoped-for visit to Cerne Abbis I can guess where you're you're going to plonk yourself down - and maybe meditate - and make a wish?

  2. I to am a list lover, lists hold my life together to a degree.

  3. Cool! I've made a start on my list - but will give it a bit more thought and add stuff in due course.

  4. The front of the newspaper??? I would think that would be very easily accomplished. Even today, really......

  5. I've done 5 of those, to my surprise.