Sunday, 22 August 2010


Pete and I hosted a barbecue next night with family and friends. We finished at about 1.30am (though the kids were still up at 5am staying in the garage/room) and I had very little sleep. After a large breakfast we have spent a couple of hours tidying up.

Due to tiredness, this blog posting is a pretty basic one.

Anyway, here is a nice picture to brighten your day (well, most of you too)...


  1. Yes sir, my day has been indeed brightened up by this little picture. And I've never heard of a BBQ at 1:30am, nor 5:00am. You boys certainly know how to party in the U.K..

  2. SNAP! We did a BBQ yesterday also, although ours finished a far more civil hour. Have a good Sunday.

  3. Top marks for that sexy 'V' of his belly, but aren't those tits starting to look dangerously like man-boobs? - or is it the angle of the sun?