Friday, 27 August 2010

Tw*ts of the moment

The news this week featured 2 evil people, but they were nasty for very different reasons...

Thirty-two year old Wendy Lewis has been sentenced to 12 weeks in jail after being caught on CCTV urinating on the cenotaph at Blackpool.  I could write for days on why this is so very wrong, but it's obvious of course.

And to make it even worse, her benefit scrounging husband felt that it was appropriate to give a nazi salute to the press. Such scummy people should have their benefits taken away.  In fact, what do these people add to society?  They take take take and don't give a damn what they do.  

The greatest news coverage was the "bin lady". We may never know why this little old lady thought it would be funny to put a cat in a wheelie bin.  There are even Facebook groups suggesting that horrible things happen to her.

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  1. The cat incident upset me greatly and I have to try to block such incidents out of my mind otherwise I feel I'd go mad. I believe she also said that she didn't know what all the fuss was about - "It was JUST a cat!" Well, I'd like to know how SHE'd feel trapped in a wheelie bin for 15 hours with the prospect of a horrific and agonisingly painful death at the end of it. Typical of so many people to think that because an animal is of less worth than a human (though I might argue with that in some cases) then their lives are not just totally worthless but it's also fair game to amuse and entertain ourselves with their pain and distress. I also would have thought that religious authorities would have voiced more condemnation about this incident, but I've yet to hear any. No surprise there then.
    As for that war-memorial c*nt, was it her fascist hubby she was sucking off after her pissing stint? I don't suppose she (or even he) cared if it was or wasn't. Anyway, for her lack of respect (and I never thought I'd ever say anything like this) it would be the perfect crime for which an appropriate penalty is to bring back the stocks. I'd have my rotten tomatoes at the ready.