Friday, 27 August 2010

Start of the bank holiday weekend

I've not been up to much this week other than work. And that in itself is depressing. Anyway...

Pete, his friend Kirk and I went to Prezzo on Wednesday,
using vouchers of course. The standard of food is always great and 2 courses and a beer for a tenner is a bargain. Go and treat yourself readers in the UK!

Last night we watched Avatar on DVD with great surround sound. I had not been looking forward to seeing it after hearing reviews that seemed to describe it as a fairy tale with tall Smurfs. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it! I appreciate that it has flaws, but overall I thought this fantasy story, and the way it was made, worked quite well. I am not a fan of films over 2 hours in length, but I had no problem with this one.

Today both Pete and I have been working from home (there's a blog entry coming on that topic soon I think). We are dog sitting for the long weekend with Max as our guest. The plan is to take him for a couple of long walks, perhaps repeating the reservoir walk but in reverse. No, not walking backwards, but certainly stopping at the pub en route.

One thing that has wound me up this week was that after EIGHT years using eBay and a flawless 589 positive feedbacks, some tosser has given me negative feedback! They reckon that the waistcoat I sold them had loose buttons. I have emailed them and said that if that was the case (it wasn't), I would have given a full refund but after the negative feedback, they get nothing!

I will soon post details of the next
5 on the Fifth and once again I intend promoting it to try and achieve a good number of contributors.

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