Tuesday, 3 August 2010

August Movie Update

Here are the films that Pete and I have received from Lovefilm.com and watched on TV and DVD over the past month or so, in reverse order, with my ratings out of ten from my movie list on IMDB.

A very interesting film starring Colin Firth and a young actor called Matthew Beard who I thought was excellent throughout.  I hope he gets some luck with his career.

"R Pats" in a cliche ridden film.

Clever effects and interesting ideas, but a dull film really.

George Clooney as a man who lives his life travelling a working without achieving anything in his personal life.  Better than it sounds.

Far better than I thought it would be.  Quite a good romp, apart from the final big scene that puts the Houses Of Parliament next to Tower Bridge.

A good Woody Allen film! (though it's quite old)

Really weird and some great effects, but lost it's way too often.

The script isn't great, acting suspect at times and Aaron Johnson who played John Lennon looked much older than the other actors even though they were meant to be the same age.


  1. I enjoyed Sherlock Holmes and An Education. Both movie were very well done, apart from of course the eye candy on Sherlock Holmes.

  2. 'And when...Father' - Agree with your comment and score.
    'Alice in W/land' - The visuals all there but somehow managed to miss the spirit of book by a mile. Yes, dull. Even 5/10 is generous.
    'Up in the Air' Yes, agreed. Quite a good film, actually.
    'Sherlock' - I too thought better than expected. 7/10 is fair, maybe even 7.5!
    'Radio Days' - as an Allen aficianado I agree it's pretty good but Allen can and often is a lot better than this film. But it is one of the videos of his I have which I wouldn't wipe.
    'An Education' - thought it was quite a lot better than your score suggests. For me an easy 8.
    Similarly 'Nowhere Boy' - I thought it was a near-remarkable film. Hadn't noticed what you felt was the apparent disparity in ages of actors - maybe 'cos I was so absorbed. Again (at least) 8/10.

    My own recently-seen recommended films:-
    The Brothers Bloom (good entertainment which deserved wider showings than it got)
    Lebanon (set entirely inside an Israeli tank during conflict. Claustrophobic, disturbing and unsanitary!)
    Inception (so twisty it hurt my brain! Really need more than one viewing - but Nolan is a director who never sells his audience short)
    Gainsbourg (refreshingly original take on the usual formulaic bio-pic)

    Looking forward to your eventual opinions on 'Antichrist' and 'The Killer Inside Me'. If you can watch them through without flinching you're a better man than I am - or even most of us!

  3. *cough*

    My Last Five Girlfriends is out on DVD on 16th August...

  4. Thanks Raybeard - great comments and recommendations.

    My main problem with Nowhere Boy was the shoehorning of certain facts into the story. Anyway...

    Daniel - you think that enough people read this blog to make a difference to your distribution?!

  5. Hey Stephen, here is the link to my 5 on the fifth.