Sunday, 15 August 2010

Football 2010/11

The Premiership season began this week, just a week after the Championship started.  It seems only days since the lacklustre England team at the World Cup broke our hearts and Crystal Palace saved their place in the league in Sheffield.  After a crazy year at Crystal Palace, with massive highs (the FA cup wins and some excellent performances) to extreme lows (administration leading to a 10 point deduction and subsequent bad run of  results).  The club was a day away from extinction, all based on a debt that was far less than similar clubs.  This can all be put down to years of mismanagement.

The club was saved and is now owned by a team of men that are also fans.  After decades, Selhurst Park is owned by the club and only a few of the best players have been retained from last season.  The new owners are all successful businessmen and intend to run the club as a business, cutting out stupid and risky spending.  Time will tell if their approach will be successful.

My predictions for the season ahead are listed below. I am rarely correct and would not suggest making a bet based on my thoughts.

Premiership: (No surprises again I fear)

Top in order:
Manchester United
Manchester City

West Brom


This could be an incredibly open league this year with 10 or more teams with the ability to do well. The top 2 might feature any of these teams...


I think Crystal Palace will have another erratic season with so many changes having taken place. A mid table finish would be welcome.

The golden boot:

The Premierships top scorers will be, in this order...


  1. And what about the Scottish First Division - are the Pars going to win this year?

  2. Good luck to Palace, always been one of my second favourite teams.

    United could well win the Premiership, never write them off until it's impossible.

    Liverpool fifth?

    They wish!

    Torres GB ? I'll have little bet with you on that.

    You've only put that because you would like to help him celebrate.

  3. Torres is a god. End of.

    As for Scotland - it's business as usual I think. I really believe that the Scottish leagues have a great opportunity to build teams of virtually all Scottish players. It would bring in crowds and help the national team and i don't think it would make much difference to the Champions League performance.

  4. I really think Wigan are nailed on for a bottom three finish. Wolves will be in a similar position to last yr imo.

    Good luck to Palace. Hopefully it will be a bit less nail-biting than last yr