Sunday, 19 June 2011


Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of Pete and I getting together. I made a comment on twitter that is equates to 36 years in straight years and was berated by several people. It was a joke! OK, not a good one, but I try not to take myself too seriously over such matters and I don't see such a comment as suggesting that gay relationships are any less important that straight ones. It's a play on stereotypes and such things can be funny.

We went to a birthday party last night in Hertford. With Pete's mega-arm-cast, we thought we wouldn't stay too long but still managed to get home after midnight. The birthday girl, Melissa enjoyed herself and I expect a heavy head this morning.

Hertford is a lovely old market town with some impressive buildings and some nice bars and restaurants. We started in one that was quite classy, apart from having a bouncer with a Scorpion tattoo over the whole back of his shaved head... nice! We then went to a bar called The Hertford House Hotel that was packed. I know I will sound old, but I have never enjoyed bars where you are crushed up to the next person and have to shout to be be heard. Luckily, we pushed our way through the crowd (and there were many many cute lads there) to a reserved area.

We had a good time and I think we should make an effort to go back to Hertford for an evening soon (once the cast is off), if only to play 'spot the cute lad'.

One more thing... on the way to Hertford, we were listening to the Radio 2 comedy awards - a live programme with some amazingly talented comedians.  Well worth catching it on the iplayer.


  1. Sorry didn't mean to give you a hard time, especially on your anniversary. I've used the gay/straight years thing in conversation with straight friends before. But I made a conscious decision not to again. Ultimately it serves to diminish us in the eyes of straight people - if we don't believe we can have 'normal' relationships then neither will they. It serves to perpetuate stereotypes. Lesson over.

  2. I think the 36 years joke is funny!

    I dont give a fuck if the straights think we cant hold down a relationship and as a gay dood, I am happy to make fun of stereotypes.

    Let's face it, the idiots who think all gay doods sleep around are the sort who will always be anti-gay

  3. I am not getting involved with this anymore or I'll end up putting my foot in it!

  4. I've done the same stereotypical joke. It's not the bast of jokes but they're stereotypes, there's supposed not be taken seriously...
    I'm glad you had a nice time in Hertford. I've liked it too.