Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Sun sold here

'The Sun sold here' - a rant from the poolside...

I have seen this sign only twice in Portugal, but it still saddens me.  A whole swathe of the UK feel that this dumbed down piece of rubbish is worthy buying and more worryingly, they believe the content.

I have complete dislike for The Sun and all on stands for.  Therefore, I also have no respect for those that buy this embarrassing publication.  This newspaper is full of mistruths and fabricated and exaggerated stories. 

But worse still, it is the negative stance in most stories, tinged with a layer of anger than concerns me. It is 'blame culture' in print, with no solutions offered and obstructive viewpoints throughout.

A certain level of hatred seeps into their text, some with an 'almost' hidden level of xenophobia, racism and homophobia.

People in other countries must wonder if we really are a nation of drunk overweight idiots, obsessed with celebrity (i.e. people who are famous for doing nothing) and believing we are better than other nations.

The misleading stories and blatant lies do nothing to educate or inform the reader. Mud sticks and the editor knows that too well.  Lies may be retracted, but it's too late by then.

And finally, free speech is something we should crave, but The Sun abuses our rights and I could only wish that it failed one day.  I sadly know that it won't.


  1. What is even more infuriating (if that's possible) is the number of gays who actually buy this rag, thereby helping it to flourish - as well as, of ALL papers, the 'Daily Mail' - because they "like to read the gossip and tittle-tattle". At least that was the case some years ago. I don't know if the numbers have reduced, but I suppose they can read it all on the respective web-sites now.
    Btw Envying you on your hol - but enjoy the rest of it, and give us the entire low-down - just like 'The Sun' would.

  2. I can sumthe holiday up in Sun style...

    Phew, what a scorcher!