Thursday, 9 June 2011


So we are back from our fun filled holiday in Portugal.  We dropped off our bags I took Pete to the local hospital to get checked over as his arm still hurt.

To recap... Pete slipped in the shower and landed badly, so he eventually went to see a doctor who couldn't decide if it was fractured or not and then went to the hospital in Faro, who's expert said it was probably damaged ligaments.

They were wrong.  Pete now has a plaster cast on his whole arm, which was "clearly broken".

This means six weeks of fun ahead!


  1. Oh dear! Not something you can look back and laugh at - yet. But welcome back, anyway.

    When you can, are you going to give us that list of participants in your little video - before it recedes into the misty past? Sorry to be a pain in the bum (when was I accused of being so before? Hmmm, I wonder.) but still looking forward to putting faces to some names.

  2. I will do - I may change one part of it and republish (a directors cut!)

  3. Sorry to hear that. I hope it goes well...