Friday, 17 June 2011

Dear friends

It's been a dull week with so little happening, that I have struggled to find anything entertaining to blog about.

One bit of news... Pete now has an even bigger cast on his arm following a visit to the fracture clinic. You would not believe how heavy it is. He is completely fed up!  He has decided not to attend a festival we were going to.

A couple of quick thoughts on the holiday that I have been mulling over:

At Luton, on the way to Faro, the airport was full with tired but happy Barcelona fans following the Champions league final the night before.  There were so many grinning faces!

The was a purple man drinking beer at 6.20am. Now, I like a beer but come on! It's dawn and he is with his grandchild and this man is drinking.  I pity the grandchildren.

On a similar topic, the English people in our hotel were mainly older (50-70 years old I suppose) and the majority were obese and tattooed many times over. A fine stereotype. I like a small tattoo, but not all over the body.

A man on the plane was answering his daughters question who was reading the in-flight magazine "Where is Malibu Daddy as it has some amazing houses?". He replied, "it's in the Caribbean dear". What an idiot.

And finally... Portugal is incredibly green with rivers and streams everywhere, much to my surprise.

Hopefully normal blogging will resume soon.


  1. Your 'struggle' to find an entertaining subject to write about was well vindicated. I wouldn't complain if you classed this as a 'normal' blog.
    Btw Q: "Where's Malibu located?"
    A: "In a white bottle." (Boom boom! - Oh dear!)

  2. Tattoos must be small and with moderation.