Sunday, 26 June 2011

A little planning

Last year was my 40th and Pete and I went to the USA on our Grand Tour, starting in San Francisco and ending in Las Vegas.  Next year, Pete will be 40 and we are considering a similar special holiday, this time on the East coast of the USA.  I have never been to New York, however Pete has been many times and I would love to go!

One idea is to fly to Toronto, then make our way to Boston and end up in New York stopping en route to see lots of interesting places.  A quick look at costs and we are finding hotels in Boston and New York to be very expensive. If you have any advice for places to stay in these cities and how to do it for less, please let me know.  We are happy to pay money (and definitely avoid hostels), but don't want to pay a fortune. We would rather spend that on food!

Watch this space...


  1. I love Toronto, its a great city, really, so I'm all up for you starting off there. Then down to the whole New England type experience, sounds amazing.

  2. A suggestion for you to find somewhere inexpensive to stay in NYC: