Thursday, 23 June 2011

Beer, beer and food

We have just got back from the Greek restaurant in town.  We enjoyed a lovely Meze, accompanied by a wonderful Cypriot beer that I have enjoyed for many many year called Keo.

Despite Pete struggling to eat with a full arm cast, we figured that we deserved a night out as we haven't been out for a while.  Also, neither of us has been sleeping well.

In fact, in the early hours of last night, at 3.15am to be precise, I was woken by the old lady in the house behind shouting "here kitty kitty".  Our 80 year old neighbour has been cat sitting two moggies and I assume had mislaid one.  I was awake until 5am.  The previous night wasn't much better.  I am now exhausted.

In more positive new, the next 2 weeks is our own music festival.  We already had tickets to see the Barenaked Ladies in London on Monday, but today Pete won two tickets to Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park in London - so I get to see Stevie Nicks!  Next weekend is the festival at the hop farm in Kent with The Eagles headlining and one of my favourite bands, Death Cab For Cutie.  And we have our annual Rhythms of The World festival the weekend after!

Too much music?!

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  1. I'm always awake and up in the small hours. Reference this comment! I find thinking about it (worrying) makes it worse, so I don't anymore.