Friday, 3 June 2011


It's been a strange day here in Portugal, where we are on holiday. Pete slipped in the bath and landed badly, so he eventually decided to see a doctor as his arm is causing serious pain.  The doctors couldn't decide if it's fractured or not and he's been to the hospital in Faro, who say he has probably damaged ligaments. It's his right arm too, which has various implications.

We have spent some days exploring locally and others lazing on the beach. It's mighty hot and the sun very powerful which drains us pasty Englishmen.

We have rented as car for few days and will drive up the coast and into the mountains. The laid back car rental lady gave us an extra half day for nothing, I suspect so that she didn't have to open at 9am.

Just a note on the hotel - it's full of fat old people and the food is 'adequate'.  We have eaten out as well and the local stuff is great, as is the local beer (which is nice and cheap!).  More on this when we return. In the meantime...

It seems that footballer Ronaldo advertises everything here on Portugal.  I imagine the conversations between marketing people and his agent go something like:

Marketing man:  we would like to pay Ronaldo One Million Euros to advertise...
Agent:  Yes, OK.
MM:  but I haven't told you what the product is yet...
Agent:  yeah... OK, where's the money?
MM:  but what if Ronaldo has never heard of it, let alone uses it or like it?!
Agent:  yeah... OK, where's the money?

Also, you can only buy football shirts with his name or Figo on the back - no other options.  All this for a closeted footballer! 

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  1. First of all, very sorry to hear about Pete and his arm. Hope it turns out not to be as bad as looked when you wrote this blog.
    Secondly, will you be just 'popping over' the border to pick up some cucumbers to bring back home? I hear that they're now so cheap they can't even give them away.