Friday, 29 June 2012

Olympic update

A while ago I mentioned Chris Mears as an Olympic hopeful.  Well, the clients I visited today are attending his Olympic-good-luck party soon as they are close relations.
I didn't say that I found him fit fit fit...
In other news, another Olympic hopeful I highlighted, Aaron Cook has been left out of the Taekwondo Olympic team despite being the world number one.  I appears that he was not impressed with the Team GB set up so trained on his own.  The Taekwondo bosses, on the face of it, decided that they didn't like being treated like that and have destroyed his life in a petty display of political control.
Poor Aaron has appealed as far as he can, but the Taekwondo people refuse to take part in any further conversations, including arbitration.  They should be ashamed.


  1. I hope he makes it to the final - I think 3m is his event - and I have tickets for those finals!!!


  2. The Aaron Cook fiasco just shows how political the Olympics really is.

    I hope Aaron Cook gets to rub the selectors noses in it one day soon.