Thursday, 27 September 2012


I caught the new BBC3 comedy the other night when I was in Edinburgh.  It's called "Cuckoo" and it's a bit obvious in place - but the main idea of a hippy marrying a couples daugher is original.  The hippy called Cuckoo is played by Andy Samberg who is a huge star in the USA having been a regular on Saturday Night Live for years and in a few films too.
From looking at a few photos of Andy, he has obviously lost weight lately.  With the thinner face and a bit of facial hair, I think he looks a bit cute, in a "cant quite put my finger on it" way.

The cast also includes comedian Greg Davies, who I find a bit crude on stage, but plays a good part.  The son is played by Tyger Drew-Honey (oh to have parents with that kind of humour) who is in the long running comedy Outnumbered.  He's grown up a bit now and has a sulky teen that swears a lot role. He had a couple of great lines, one was "I don't wank... Mum I never wank!!".

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