Monday, 24 September 2012


Pete had a couple of German friends visiting for the weekend.  So we picked them up on Saturday morning and took them to Pete's mums house.  She had made cakes!  After eating far too much we went for a walk and even stopped by the local church.  You know I am not religious, but you have to appreciate the typical village church - standing proud for 800 years and counting.  On one window, there is some graffiti (see below) which is amazing.
On Sunday we went to wet and windy London to see the gorgeous Charlie Siem play violin with an accompanying pianist.  I am not a classical expert, or fan really, but it was an impressive show.  The very posh hall in Marylebone was completely full with about a thousand people. We got to meet him afterwards and he is amazingly good looking and very polite - putting up with the fans and replying to my stupid comments that "the show was great".  He drives a Porsche and wears top clothes, probably free of charge from his modelling commitments.
Here are some instagrammed images from the weekend, starting with some toadstools...

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  1. The weather on Sunday was abysmal continuing today...
    Have a great weekend