Saturday, 1 September 2012

Paralympics day out

I kept trying to get Paralympic tickets, checking the site many times a day without luck. But last week I found two £5 park entry tickets.  Not ideal as you don't get entry to any venue, but worth the trip to see the park and take in the atmosphere.  Then on Wednesday, a few more tickets were showing and I managed to secure two tickets to the Athletics in the Olympic stadium!
So I took Friday afternoon off work and spent the whole afternoon and evening exploring the huge Olympic park. It really is stunning. I cant quite explain how impressed I was!  Here are a few pictures I took...

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  1. All splendid stuff! Lucky you - once more.

    It may have been that I hadn't been paying attention but I wasn't aware that the Olympic tower was lit up at night in that vivid scarlet - or maybe it's one of those lighting installations that changes colour with the speed and direction of the wind.