Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Desert Island Discs - the final part

Welcome to my Desert Island Discs. I have opted for a different approach to many people; I have divided my life roughly into 8 and picked a track for each period. 
Here is a summary of my 8 songs:
1. American Pie - Don McLean
2. Far Far Away - Slade
3. Get Back - The Beatles
4. Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac
5. Heart Of Gold - Neil Young
6. Fais Mois Une Place - Julien Clerc
7. Brian Wilson - Barenaked Ladies
8. Soul Meets Body - Death Cab For Cutie
And now for the additional items...
I get the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare. I'm pleased about both. I am opposed to organised religion, but I'm sure I can pick something good out of the Bible (most religious people pick and choose parts from it anyway) and I have never been convinced by Shakespeare, so it will help me pass the time trying to get into it. If I need something to help light a fire, I have plenty of paper.
My book:  Comedy Writing Secrets by Mel Helitzer.  I'm hoping that it will keep me entertained and challenge my brain a bit to come up with a comedy play based on a desert island.
My luxury: A Ukulele, so I could sit and play as the sun sets over my little paradise.
And if I could only take one song from my list it would be Go Your Own WayI would sing loudly (and badly) to myself to keep my spirits up and I can play air guitar too.
The question that is often asked is how you would cope on a desert island. I like (and hate in equal measures) DIY, but I would be able to build a shelter and tools I am sure.  Not sure I could gut a  fish if I could catch one.  As for being alone, I am fine with that but I am sure my own company would soon send me mad!


  1. Nice to have this 're-cap', Stephen. We can step back and see the whole picture now.

    Your choice of book is interesting. It's a new one on me - and to lots more, I should imagine.
    I had no idea you had aspirations to be a playwright. Good for you. I tried it once. Wrote a short radio play, sent it to the BBC who promptly returned it (quite rightly!). Too disheartened to try again.

    I'd be happier than you with the books already there. You may already know that I'm a confirmed Bardophile, and have been since schooldays, so it would be an immense delight to have the absolutely essential complete works to hand - even if I do know huge chunks by heart (says he, preening himself).

    As for the Bible, it really is a trial to read right through, even though I've done it five times to date. (There he goes again!)
    The Old Testament - acres and acres of stifling monotony, alleviated only very occasionally by some glorious poetry or an interesting event, always described too vaguely, and all under the watchful eye of a most irascible God who can't keep a rein on his own emotions - if he's not causing the havoc himself, that is.
    The New Testament, certainly more interesting, but still bursting with contradictions, riddles and non-sequiturs. Read into it what you want (as everyone is inclined to) and it's just the ticket!

    Ukelele? Didn't you not too long ago post a video of your good self plucking? You must be a pretty dab hand at it by now. How about another look for our benefit - and you could throw in a little recital on air guitar too. Would love to 'hear' that.

    Thanks for revealing yourself through this most entertaining 'series'.

  2. Nice series of blogs. Can't say I agree with most of the tunes but then they're personal to you. Love the whole Harvest album though